FAQ – Can I Recover a Deleted Site?

I have a deleted a site and I want it back. Is there a solution?

LastPass stores deleted sites/accounts for 30 days. Follow these steps to deleted sites within 30 days:

  1. Login to your LastPass Vault (you can access it from the LP icon in your browser bar)
  2. Click on the LP icon in the upper right (use the one next to your email address – not the one in the browser bar)
  3. Click “Show Deleted Sites” (a new window will open with the list)
  4. Click on “Undelete” next to the one you want to restore

FAQ – Why is using the same strong password not safe?

Unfortunately, sites are hacked frequently including big sites like Twitter and Yahoo. When they break in, one of their missions is to steal the database of usernames, email addresses and passwords.

Now they have the combination of your email address, your username and your password. So guess what? They are going to try using that same combination on other sites. In addition, they will sell that combination to other bad guys who will try the same thing. That combination also gets added to “break-in” scripts that run on computers and a human being doesn’t have to do anything until the computer gets a match.

That’s why every login should have its own unique strong password. That way if one site is compromised, all you have to do is change that one password and not worry about all the others.

FAQ – Will LastPass fill out online forms?

Filling out online forms is one of the cool features we love since we are big online shoppers and joiners. Everyone it seems wants the basic information from you and filling out those forms is tedious and time consuming.

Once you set up a profile in your LastPass vault, it’s just a matter of clicking a button and those forms are instantly filled in. If you have different profiles or perhaps a spouse that uses the computer, simply create other profiles and click the appropriate one when it’s time to fill out the form.

Don’t worry about the security of your information because LastPass encrypts the information on your local computer.

FAQ – Can I be safe with the free version of LastPass?

Absolutely! In fact the free version is the best way to start learning the features of this powerful tool.  Some of the features of LastPass premium are:

  • Use on your mobile devices like your smartphone and tablet
  • No advertisements
  • Priority support

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