Do You Need Help With LastPass?

Help installing LastPass on your computer — We’ll get on a screen sharing session with you and tell you exactly what to click and what choices to make.
Help organizing your LastPass logins and folders — We’ll log into your LastPass vault and sort all your logins into easy to access folders so you won’t have to search for the right site when you need it.
Help learning your way around LastPass and all its cool features — We’ll get on a screen sharing session and teach you how to be the most productive and the most secure. You’ll learn how to share a password with someone else, how to protect your master password, how to run a password security scan, how to store notes and license keys and much more!
Help configuring your mobile device with LastPass apps — We’ll step you through installing and configuring your iPhone, iPad or Android app to use the logins you’ve already set up on your computer. (Requires $12/year premium version of LastPass)

Take the First Step in Getting the Password Help You Need

For only $40, Regina or Christine will work with you directly for 1/2 hour to get you up and running with LastPass. Click the button below to get started.